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Meet Nancy —

“Nancy has been in instructional technology for 25+ years at a small university in southeastern Pennsylvania.  She has seen a lot of technology changes during this time from 16mm projectors to having all-digital audio and video systems and technology in every classroom.  She is also responsible for their online learning system and media production.  In addition, she is also an ESL teacher at night which she says she absolutely loves. She indicated that “If I taught education courses online and ESL face-to-face, I would be pretty happy”.

Me2014-05-18  She loves to be outside hiking, walking, kayaking, camping/traveling, or gardening.

  During our interview exchange we found that we had similar goals to look towards online teaching as    being flexible and something that we could transition to after our first career.  Her preferred subject  matter for teaching online would be instructional technology or instructional design.

Thank you Nancy for sharing and nice to meet you!”  — Online interview by Cheryl @ Virginia


About Nancy Evans

Hello! I am an instructional technologist and a nature and dog lover.
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