Week 2 Reflection

If I am working with a class of students who are not bloggers or haven’t written yet, I might consider a group blog even though it’s a bit difficult to manage.  Particularly if a course has a lot of activities, I think maintaining an individual blog and encouraging interaction doesn’t always work out the way I’d like.  When people are very busy, blogs seem to drop in priority.  They should be given a lot of thought and with discussion forums or other ways to interact, it could be redundant.  Blogs can become static fast if you don’t post often and push it out and look for subscribers. This applies more to blogs on issues and current topics than reflective blogs.

In a course a blog might have a short life and the interactions might be only between students in a course.  If I taught a couple courses that were the same or in the same field, it might be a good idea to cross-pollinate between the classes so students share their thoughts in different, but related areas of a subject.  I guess I am really seeing more of a discussion forum online for students in a cohort or same year, but with some different classes, a place where they can share ideas and seed ideas.  Maybe this would work if there is a TA who runs a blog and gets students in a cohort engaged and talking.

At this point in the course I am feeling a little unsure where we are going, but I felt that way in the previous course and in creating a project, it seems to come together.  I think I have the midterm pretty well understood – and that alone makes me a bit nervous too!  I do feel that I barely have time to really digest everything.


About Nancy Evans

Hello! I am an instructional technologist and a nature and dog lover.
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