Articles and Websites of Interest

Assessing Learning in Online Education: The Role of Technology in Improving Student Outcomes, Matthew Prineas and Marie Cini, NILOA, Oct 2011.   “. . . online education and assessment in higher education developed in parallel, these two ‘movements’ intersected little during that time. Now they are poised to do so, Prineas and Cini emphasize, and both will benefit.”  The authors look at 3 areas to support their claim: 1) the ability to gather data in an online course on what students are learning and their learning behaviors (data analytics), 2) learning assessment is seen as an integral part of the design approach of mastery learning, and 3) best practices in online learning mirror Chickering’s 7 Principles of Good Practice for Undergraduate Education (Oliver Dreon, “Applying the 7 Principles…” Faculty Focus, Feb 25, 2013).

7 Things to Know about Blogs, EDUCAUSE Learning Institute, ELI.  The focus isn’t just on what blogs are but why are they significant in leaning, what are the implications for teaching and learning, how are they evolving.  ELI has a wonderful site with a lot of resources and ways to connect with other educators through conferences, meetings, research.

E-Learning Examples.  This is a fantastic site for examples of E-learning in hundreds of areas and subjects.  David Anderson has curated the best multimedia learning examples form a wide number of sources. He has lots of examples of games and simulations, interactive graphics and infographics, online museums, slideshows, videos portraits, interactive audio and video, interactive maps and panaramas, multimedia storytelling, graphic novels, ipad apps, and on and on.  Subjects: everything.

Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything.  The ubiquitous Kathy Schrock just can’t be overlooked for great material.  In particular, I found Assessment and Rubrics to be a whole site on its own.


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