Week 3 Reflection

A whirlwind of a week!  We had quite a lot of readings, videos, websites to explore.  And we are beginning to make substantial applications to our courses in addition to focusing on the midterm group project and our blogs.  I spent a lot of time thinking about the concept map we are developing which will explore our course objectives, activities and assessments.  An interesting project, part about the course and part about manipulating software.

The style of the learning objectives we are working with is a little different from the style of objectives I used in an earlier course and in education courses, instructional systems design and my work. The parts are all essentially the same, but these objectives are very tight, precise and packed.  Then using the objectives to create a concept map – another leap for me.  I seemed to want to be wordy in the objectives and the activities and assessments.  I really thought about the activities.  My course is an online course to teach faculty at my college use Moodle while giving them the experience of being online and watching someone else teach.  As they go they will build their own course.

I always like the production assignments particularly when I am asked to be through and clear in my thinking and expression.  Love it.  I found the software cumbersome – I tried Inspiration and X-Mind.  If I could use it strictly for brainstorming and not worry about the precision of the layout, I’d be happier.  And that is how my map looked in the end.  I decided to not try to create something as neat as a chart or outline.  I wanted to see if I could work with the software to reflect my thinking and the content I’m trying to express.  Fun stuff.  I tend to make clusters of information on my desktop, which drives other people crazy, but that’s how I organize.

Massive Cluster of Galaxies, “El Gordo,” nasa.gov



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