Midterm Reflection

Our midterm project was to collaborate with two classmates and produce a technology assessment toolbox.  This is a great idea and I if I put all three toolboxes together, that’s one great toolbox!  The research was easy and so helpful, especially with strengths and weaknesses and examples of its use and I am so glad to have more than one tool to consider.  We used G-Drive for this project and found it incredibly easy to work together on editing while we talked on the chatline.  It was also easy to format, add images and download into a useable format – Word or pdf.  I had not worked online in real time and this was fantastic.  I feel much more connected to these two classmates.  I regret having to miss an earlier synchronous meeting with the class when I was working on a Saturday.   Our midterm project is attached below.toolbox

I still struggle with writing good learning objectives, but I am working on it. I look forward to the time it is nearly automatic.  I’d like to work with the faculty at my university on    this and reviewing technology options with them, at least in the short run before I can teach online myself.

Midterm Jigsaw Team Project: Technology Assessment Toolbox

(Graphic: all-free-download.com)


About Nancy Evans

Hello! I am an instructional technologist and a nature and dog lover.
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One Response to Midterm Reflection

  1. Carolyn says:

    Nancy I love the little re toolbox.


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