Week 5 Reflection – Working toward Final Project

We are putting together our thoughts for the final, due in two weeks.  We focused on Bloom’s taxonomy and created a taxonomy table related to online courses and technology tools as appropriate assessments.  I am amazed how thorough and relevant Bloom’s taxonomy still is, and so deceptively simple.  He has started some of the best discussion and debates in education on what and how we learn and how to build learning.  How educators love him!

The Iowa State University Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching Model of Learning Objectives is a fantastic and fantastically modern remix of his ideas.  The CELT model is interactive and colorful, and lists in a matrix Bloom’s levels of learning with knowledge and cognitive processes on two axes, and suggests requisite action verbs and short examples.

The previous weeks are coming together into the final with objectives, activities and technology-based assessments that could be used in a face-to-face or online class.  The articles were a nice mix of practical and theoretical this week and are especially interesting and helpful to me.  Following the discussions in the forum shape our assignment has been helpful.  I see other students’ thinking and Dr. Khalsa’s help in developing clearer objectives / activities / assessments.  Watching them learn helps me to think through my own online course.



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