me092412I have 26 years experience as an instructional technologist and work at Lincoln University in southeastern Pennsylvania. I am an ESL teacher for La Comunidad Hispana and occasionally teach Educational Technology at Lincoln. As an instructional technologist I help faculty prepare their courses for online teaching, develop new online courses and to use learning management software effectively.

Beginning in spring, 2014 I have managed the integration and implementation of Moodle on our campus and am now creating guides, short videos, workshops and a website to support faculty as they learn this new technology. Like most universities, we have changed our LMS and I also worked on the implementation and support of WebCT and Desire2Learn. I work closely with Lincoln’s Center for Teaching and Learning to prepare and lead workshops and seminars for faculty on the pedagogical implications of embracing new technology in our learning spaces.  We will begin a new series this year related to online pedagogy.

I have an abiding love for the Humanities and use my undergraduate degree in English as an associate editor for the College and University Media Review and to produce and edit journals and books for Lincoln faculty.

My current professional interests are iPads and other mobile devices in the classroom and out, and online teaching and learning.  I hope to work developing online courses and teaching topics in instructional technology online.

Other than teaching and technology, I am outdoors as much as I can be, walking, hiking, gardening, reading,sleeping, taking care of animals, and watching birds. I am inspired, filled and made whole by art and poetry and could not say it better than this:  “Art is the means we have of undoing the damage of haste. It’s what everything else isn’t” -Theodore Roethke.

My Resume


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